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“Seghi’s naturalism is buoyed by a historical sensitivity to the still life tradition of Caravaggio, the accomplishments of the photorealists and the paintings of Donald Sultan. In combining these influences, the artist achieves originality.”

Sarasota Arts Review


“Tom Seghi’s paintings reflect the metaphysical wonder of life. We are irresistibly involved visually, intellectually and emotionally in this vicarious yet authentic contemplation of abundance. The perfection of a single pear is portrayed in elegant and sensuous curves. The sleek spirit of a pepper is suspended in a moment of brilliant splendor, while the tropical aura of a mango offers succulent promises.

With a classic stance Seghi isolates the extravagant color of his subject in a dark and secret environment. The contrast of sharp color against a shadowy background serves to illuminate the organic texture and dramatic solidity of each fruit or vegetable. These contemporary still life paintings remind us that there is nobility in the familiar world around us- that life is a legendary feast of expectations.”

Marcia Corbino, Corbino Galleries


“Seghi, who has been painting fruit since 1988, adheres to the precepts of modernism by stripping the image to its basic form. Juxtaposing reflections of sunlight with impenetrable darkness, the artist isolates the boldness of sensuous curves and the extravagance of organic colors.

Seghi’s still life paintings develops from a tradition which includes the ancient symbolism of forbidden fruit, the allegories of the baroque masters, and Cezanne’s motifs of objectivity. Yet Seghi’s work is not without metaphor- the heroic scale of a familiar image suggests abundance and fulfillment.”

Art Now- Gallery Guide


“Static, calm, solemn, simple- the stuff of monuments, of artmaking in the tradition of Greece and Rome- is the core of Tom Seghi’s fruit paintings.

Seghi paints like the Romans, who were known for their still life paintings, particularly for their ability to capture the roundness of fruit. Seghi’s work, especially “Green Pear,” which is ideally centered and sublimely symmetrical, also bring to mind an amphora, ancient Greek jar for wine or oil- minus the handles, of course.

All restlessness or stirred up feelings fade before the faultless symmetry of Seghi’s pears and apples, which he situates alone or in pairs upon hard edge giving grounds of black.

Probing, poring over a few pieces of fruit with an almost ritualistic concentration, focusing hard on undistorted form, on clarity of light, on subordination of detail, on strict sense of balance, Seghi profiles fruit in categorically classic fashion: restrained and restful. “

Sarasota Herald Tribune


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